LPR Parking Lot Access Control

Parking lot access control system by LPR cameras

LPR ( License Plate Recognition ) By DPM+ is an innovative system allowing access to the parking lot by video imaging and data collection and a connection to the DPM+ parking management app – everything in the same admin system!

The LPR camera recognizes the vehicle’s license plate number and allowing quick parking lot access without requiring any other operational element.

The system permits smart parking lot management, monitoring vehicle entrances and exits from the parking, and saving manpower such as an attendant to open the gate.

System Benefits

The advantages of combining LPR with the DPM+ application:

Cloud-based system

The entire system is cloud-based, and therefore there is no need of servers, client stations, and telecom infrastructure. We only need a power inlet!

Connection from any place in the world

The system’s admin can connect from anywhere in the world by a computer or mobile phone with internet access.

Personal management

Each company will have an admin managing its parking spaces and vehicles (changing license plate numbers, allowing guest access, viewing reports, etc.).

Remote parking lot operations

No need for TeamViewer systems for watching and operating the parking lot or handling malfunctions.


Easy interface with any external system and/or application by API.

No need of ISP

No need of ISP. Communication is cellular by SIM.

Designated DPM app

To manage each company’s parking spaces – an option including connecting to sensor systems – red/green in the parking lot.

Easy and quick report production

Reports: arriving and leaving by each subscriber, daily parking lot occupancy, video imaging of vehicle plates, and parking lot use reports.

Opening a gate/barrier for vehicles manually

by the admin system from any computer or mobile phone.

LPR system for pay-per-use parking lots:

Credit card payment terminal, cash payment machines

How does it work?

Vehicle identification

SMS / Push notification

LPR – Admin System

The advantages of combining LPR with the DPM+ Application

Each user will know, even prior to arriving at the parking lot, by the app, how many available parking spots there are in each parking lot/floor level

For every authorized subscriber arriving at the barrier, the LPR system will recognize the license plate number, and the subscriber will receive in a few seconds a text message and/or app notification (push notification) to his mobile phone with the number of parking spot allocated to him.

Even employees who did not download the app will receive an SMS text message to his mobile phone where to park.

An efficient solution for guests, after identification by the LPR camera, the guests will be referred to an available parking spot by a SMS text message

Every subscriber will be able to switch parking spots by the app

Prioritizing good parking spaces. Whoever arrives first, gets the best parking space available at that time.

Examples of LPR projects

DHL Parking lot

Parking lot with 4 lanes, with one lane is a switchable lane (entry/exit)

SolarEdge Parking

Two Parking lots with 4 lanes

Police parking – Lahav 433

3 different parking lots (upper and underground) for the police and other companies

Gitam BBDO & Radio 102FM Parking – Tel-Aviv

Combined parking lot for several companies +DPM app

Amisragas Parking Lot

Parking lot within a parking lot + DPM app

Tefer Building Parking Lot

Credit-card pay-per-use parking lot for subscribers and other users, 4 lanes including a cash payment machine

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