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Smart Solution for Parking and workstation management for companies & organizations

Using reserved parking spots Saving time No investment in expensive infrastructures Saving money and resources Real time control Efficient double parking

Managing and optimizing parking lots, workstations, and Parking access control systems.

DPM+ is an application for managing parking lots and hotseat workstations for companies and organizations.

The app saves costs and saves time of employees and guests spent on locating a parking space or available workstation, best utilizing the parking lot with correct management of reserved and double parking spots and increasing the employees’ satisfaction.


DPM+ Parking Management

Today, a parking is an extremely expensive piece of real estate. There are always more employees in the company than parking spots. Correctly managing this resource will save monthly parking costs or, allow more employees and guests to use the parking lot. A workplace parking space is one of the benefits to employees, so correct management is a win-win situation for the employees and the organization.

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System advantages

By using the DPM or DPM+ apps

Using reserved parking spots

Best utilization of reserved parking spots while their users are absent: travel abroad, vacation, meetings outside the office, sick days, etc. – for the benefit of other employees.

Saving time

Saving the employees’ time, avoiding entering a full parking lot, automatically locating an available parking spot.

Efficient double parking

Creating additional parking spaces by double parking; the app notifies every employee who “blocked” him, and he can easily notify the “blocker” when he leaves.

Real-time control

Full control of the parking lot and real-time reporting of the parking lot’s status to the system’s administrator.

No investment in expensive infrastructures

No need to invest large sums of money in infrastructures and electronic components in the parking lot.

Saving money and resources

Save up to 30% of the monthly parking costs by double (“blocking”) parking and better use of reserved parking spots

Using reserved parking spots

Saving time

Efficient double parking

Real-time control

No investment in expensive infrastructures

Saving money and resources

LPR – parking lot access control systems

DPM+’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) system is an innovative system for entry into the parking by video and data recording, connected to the DPM+ parking management application – all in a single management system!

DPM+ workstation management

The DPM+ app is a smart system for managing and optimizing smart workstations in organizations’ and companies’ offices. Using DPM+, the organization can efficiently use their Open Space’s, workstations and thus save rent, power, maintenance etc. costs.

Managing a smart parking lot by sensors (Red/Green/Blue) with connection to the DPM+ application

Smart Parking with Sensors

Smart parking is one of the hottest and most challenging areas of modern technology with much innovation and technological solutions dramatically changing our lives

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