DPM+ Workstation Management

DPM+ Workstation Management

The DPM+ app is a smart system for managing and optimizing hotseat workstations in the office for organizations and companies.

Using DPM+, the organization can utilize the workstations, such as in an open space, more efficiently, and therefore reduce the office size and save rent, power, maintenance costs, etc.


Workstation optimization

Workstation optimization

Suggested solutions:

Each user can see only the workstations he is permitted to work on,

Each user can book workstation per the permissions set by the company: at that morning/the evening before/pre-booking by dates and times

Managing reserved workstations – using the workstations reserved to specific employees during their absence – vacation, travel abroad, meetings outside the office, etc. for other employees in the organization.

An option to send an SMS text message every morning at a time set up by each company to employees with reserved workstation with a question if they intend to arrive at work yes/no and, according to their answer through the app, the reserved workstation can be released to other employees or guests and thus use an “available” workstation.

Updating absences and vacations in the application or administration system.

Full control of the admin system – a cloud-based administration system with real-time information on workstation status.

Saving employees' valuable time

  • Avoiding arriving to a full office or occupied workstations.
  • By booking the workstation in the app, the employee will know exactly where to sit on that day and will avoid looking for an available workstation.

Reports – producing reports – daily, weekly, or monthly, about workstation use/efficiency for every use of a workstation/floor, as well as per-user reports. Knowing who came and when and if the stations’ utilization was best used.

The ability to control, monitor, follow-up, and even investigate, for example when an employee – God forbid – is infected with COVID-19, where he sat and next to whom, to allow selective quarantine, usage investigation, removing superfluous workstations, etc.

Managing several workstation types – by the application you can manage several types of workstations: open space workstation, office workstation spots – where a meeting can be scheduled, etc.

push notifications by the app to all employees – regular updates, events, etc.

Managing shared areas by the app – an option to manage by a shared timetable in the app of shared areas such as meeting rooms, gyms, sports facilities, event halls, etc., and each permitted party can book a shared compound from the app and see when the space is occupied and when it is available.

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