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Appark Parking Management Ltd. was founded in 2016 and owns the DPM and DPM+ apps. The company was established to solve a worldwide problem of parking shortage for employees and guests in organizations and companies.
Today, almost every company in the world has more employees who must park their vehicle at work than parking spots, which creates a parking shortage for the employees. Using off-the-shelf systems, these organizations do not maximize the utilization of their parking lots. More than that, there are employees who refuse to work for a company which does not give them a parking benefit.
Our management system and app serve many clients in Israel and abroad, managing tens of thousands of parking spots every day with tens of thousands of users – with perfect professionalism. It saves up to 30% of the organization’s parking costs, or, alternatively, allows the organization to significantly increase the number of employees with parking rights.
Recently we started a new project – managing hotseat workstations. Like parking spots, office workstations need management to save real estate area and optimize office space use.

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