DPM+ Parking Lot Management

DPM+ parking management app

The DPM+ app is Smart solution of parking lot management for companies & organizations.

The app allows saving costs and employees’ time locating an empty parking spot or locating “blocking” vehicles.

Today, a parking spot is an expensive piece of real estate. There are always more employees in the company than parking spaces. Correctly managing this resource will allow the organization to save monthly parking costs or, alternatively, allow more employees and guests to use the parking lot. A workplace parking space is one of the benefits to employees, so correct management is a win-win situation for the employees and the organization.


Benefits of the Application:

Using reserved parking spots during their absence.

During travel abroad, vacations, meetings outside the office, sick days, etc. for the benefit of other employees – which allows reducing the number of parking spots or better utilizing existing parking spots. Updating executives’ absence directly from the app and releasing their parking spot to the company’s general parking pool. An option to send an SMS text messages each morning to the employees with reserved parking spots and ask them if they intend to arrive to work, and by their answer, the parking spot can be released.

From the experience of managing thousands of reserved parking spots, at least approx. 20% of the employees with reserved parking spots do not come with a vehicle to work in each day.

Efficient double parking

A potential for creating additional parking spaces by double parking; the app notifies every employee who “blocked” him, and he can easily notify the “blocker” when he needs to leave.

Increasing employee satisfaction

The employee knows, by the app, if there are available parking spaces even before arriving to the parking lot. He finds the parking spot easily, saving time in searching for a parking space in the parking lot, and, at the end of the day, he knows where he parked using the application. The employee feels that the organization invests in him and gives him a friendly tool saving his time.

Efficient and convenient guest parking management

Providing the correct number of parking spots for guests, adding / cancelling parking spots, as necessary. Better organization and use of this parking resource. An option to refer guests to a specific available parking spot automatically by sending an SMS text message.

Increasing employee satisfaction

Saving employee time – avoiding entering a full parking lot, locating a parking spot automatically by the app by sending a text message and push notifications to the app to each employee with a parking spot location when he arrives at the lot’s barrier – in a solution including connection to LPR cameras.

Referral to a parking spot by a text message at the lot’s barrier

With the connection of the parking lot’s entry LPR system, employees and guests can be sent from the barrier to a specific parking space by a text message and/or an app push notification.

Cloud admin system

The DPM administration system is in a cloud, so that the system admin can manage the system from any computer anywhere.

Access to the administration system is by username and password.

Additional Benefits:

Real-time control – full control of the parking lot and real-time reporting of the parking lot’s status to the system admin.

No need to invest large sums of money in infrastructures and electronic components in the parking lot.

More options through DPM+:

Push notifications by the admin to the application to all employees, regular updates, events, etc.

An option to manage by a shared timetable in the app shared compounds such as meeting rooms, gyms, sports facilities, event halls, etc. Each permitted person can book a shared space from the app and see when it is used or available.

Reports – users can use the application to produce various reports reaching the system admin, such as casualties, traffic, shortages, office malfunctions, etc.

Making your organization smarter' more efficient and technologically advanced by providing this service

Providing more employees with parking access by better parking lot management

Parking occupancy and reserved spots usage monthly or daily report production

Free app with a friendly UI

Branded and customized app

Save up to 30% of parking costs

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